The school’s admission policies require that each student is admitted in accordance with one of the following categories:

Applicant with High School Diploma/GED or it equivalent
Applicant must provide a copy of his/her High School Diploma, or GED, or its equivalent, or a certificate of attainment (only applicable for non-Title IV recipients).  A student may also sign a notarized statement to the effect that he or she has graduated from high school or received a GED certificate, but is unable to provide the actual documentation.  Students who self-certify their educational degree/certificate must identify the name and address of the school where they received their education, and the date they graduated or were awarded a GED certificate.  

Applicant without High School Diploma, but has the ability to benefit from training
Applicant who lacks the High School Diploma or its equivalent, is beyond the age of compulsory education, is at least 18 years of age, and has the ability to benefit from training, shall be admitted as an Ability-to-Benefit (ATB) student.  In order to be admitted as an ATB student, the student shall, prior to admission, complete either:
a)    The Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs)/Accuplacer with a minimum score of 55 for reading comprehension, 60 for sentence skills, and 34 for arithmetic.  This test measures the applicant’s aptitude to successfully complete the program to which he or she has applied.  The school does not administer the test, but will provide information on availability when requested.  Students are responsible for testing fees.  
b)    A session of individual counseling to determine the applicant’s ability to benefit. 
Students who are admitted only on the basis of counseling, or who are unable to satisfy the school’s testing requirement, will be enrolled in an English-Vietnamese or English-Spanish class, which shall be completed prior to graduation.  These bilingual classes shall provide each student with the basic skills and understanding necessary according to individual need for satisfactory performance in the program which the student has chosen. 
Applicant Enrolled As Secondary/High School Student
Applicant who is a current high school student and wants to enroll must be at least 16 years of age.  Applicant under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission.  Applicant who wishes to enroll concurrently at his or her high school and National Beauty College must also acquire written permission from their high school counselor to attend the college.  Applicant cannot be enrolled under a training agreement with another entity and he or she is required to complete and pass an Ability-to-Benefit exam.   
Applicant Enrolled Under a Training Agreement
If enrolled under a training agreement with a government agency, school district, and/or other entity, applicant is required to meet the admission requirements set out in the training agreement, the School, and applicable state licensing or certification regulations.  The school maintains documents for students who are enrolled under a training agreement with another entity. 

Requirement for All Applicants
All applicants are required to show legal identification documents.  Legal documents include the following:  any Colorado Driver License, Colorado Driver Permit or Colorado Identification Card, expired less than one year; (Temporary paper license with invalid Colorado Driver License, Colorado Driver Permit, or Colorado Identification Card, expired less than one year is considered acceptable.); out-of-state issued photo Driver’s License or photo identification card, photo driver’s permit expired less than one year; valid foreign passport with I-94 or valid Processed For 1551 stamps; valid I-94 issued by Canadian government with L1 or R1 status and a valid Canadian driver’s license or valid Canadian identification card; valid 1551 Resident Alien/Permanent Resident card; valid 1688 Temporary Resident Card, 1688B and 1766 Employment Authorization Card; Tribal Identification Card with intact photo (US or Canadian); Certificate of Naturalization with intact photo; or Certificate of (US) Citizenship with intact photo.  U.S. Passport and Border crosser or USA B1/BS Visa/BCC cards are UNACCEPTABLE DOCUMENTS.

The school Director will review all applicants on an individual basis and admit students who meet all admission requirements.  Exceptions to the admission policies will be documented and included in the student record.