Course Description:  The manicuring program consists of 20 credit hours of theory and practical skill development for licensure.  Full-time students should be able to complete the program within 75 days.  Part-time students should be able to complete the program within 150 days. 

Courses in this program involve safety and sanitation, proper work habits, preparation to pass the Colorado State Board practical and written exams and competency to function effectively in entry-level positions as a manicurist/nail technician or a related occupation.  Classes are taught in English.  Tutoring sessions are available in English-Vietnamese and English-Spanish to help students gain a better understanding of the course material.  The school uses a variety of instructional methods to teach classes including the use of audio and visual equipment, lectures, hands-on demonstrations and guest speakers.

Course Objective & Goals:  Upon completion of the course requirements, graduates will be able to:

- Understand all sanitation, sterilization and safety precautions expected of manicurists. 
- Be able to confidently perform basic nail care services as: manicuring, pedicuring, and application of artificial nails. 
- Gain knowledge of different nail products, electrical equipment and light therapy. 
- Be familiarized with laws, rules and regulations required by the state. 
- Attain skills in business management, ethics, interpersonal skills and salesmanship.

Texts:  Salon Fundamentals Nail Technology Textbook and Study Guide 

Grading Procedure:  Academic progress will be measured by theory work (test grades, homework, etc.) and practical work.  Theory and practical work will be graded according to the following scale:

            90% - 100%       A          Excellent
            80% - 89%         B          Above average
            70% - 79%         C          Satisfactory
            69% or below    D         Unsatisfactory (student will be notified and placed on probation)

 Students must maintain at least a 70% grade average in order to be considered making satisfactory progress.

Course Subjects:                                                                                                                                        

Manicuring & Pedicuring (7 credits)

Nail care tools, the manicuring table, client consultation, basic and other types of manicures, pedicures, safety rules in manicuring and pedicuring, electric filing, massage manipulations.

Application of Artificial Nails (5 credits)

Nail product chemistry, anatomy and physiology, the nail and its disorders, the skin and its disorders, nail tips, nail wraps, acrylic nails, gels, nail art, safety precautions, nail art.

Law, Rules & Regulations (1 credit)

Colorado state law, rules, and regulations, licensing requirement and regulations.

Management, Ethics, Interpersonal Skills & Salesmanship (1 credit)

Career opportunities in manicuring, business management, life skills, professional ethics, your professional image, salon/spa business, selling nail products and services, customer services, communicating for success and human relations, career planning.

Disinfection, Sanitation & Safe Work Practices (6 credits)

Bacteria and other infectious agents, the treatment room, salon environment, principles and practice in infection control, sanitation, disinfection, sterilization, and safe work practices, standards and regulations.

Total Theory & Practical Credit Hours:  20 credits


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